Golf is a sport that needs both physical and mental endurance. Players must travel several miles to transport their clubs. Golf carts are a popular choice for more enjoyable and less tiring activities. The Royal EV Golf Carts is an industry leader, providing a luxurious and ecologically responsible solution for golf aficionados.

The Royal EV is one of the market’s newest golf cart models. While it does not outperform some of our most popular golf carts, it does have some unique characteristics worth considering.

The Royal EV golf cart has several great features such as a 5kw motor, two retractable seat belts, horns, and a backup camera for safety. It can easily navigate hilly terrain because to its top speed of 20 to 25 mph, 12 inch ground clearance, and 67 inch wheelbase.


  • KDS 5KW AC motor
  • 6.8 horsepower motor.
  • Controller Curtis 1232 400 AMP.
  • 20–25 miles per hour is the top speed.
  • Without batteries, the standard weight is 824lbs.
  • Seating capacity is standard at four.
  • 12 inch ground clearance.
  • The wheelbase is 67 inches long.
  • The chassis is made of aluminium and composite materials.
  • Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Rack and pinion steering with self-adjustment.
  • Seat belts with two points of retraction.
  • Brake lights, headlights, blinkers, and other safety elements are available.

Safety Features

To increase security For increased safety, this royal EV golf cat has two-point retractable seat belts that can be retracted, the horn, backup camera and tail lights. It also has blinkers, and headlights. It also has four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes to help prevent accidents.


  • To ensure a smooth ride, the Royal EV golf cart has a 2+2 seating capacity and a weight capacity of 824 lbs.
  • Warranty on Royal Electric Carts
  • The Royal EV golf cart has a three-year warranty.

 Parts & Accessories for Royal EV Golf Carts

  • Golf cart brake drum YUWEI G0769.
  • Portable golf cart speaker that can be mounted at home.
  • Magnetic organiser box by JuLand.
  • Side and rear mirrors fold down to 10L0L.
  • Universal golf ball washer 10L0L
  • LEDGlow 4 piece underglow kit in standard colours.
  • Hub caps for NOKINS Ss wheel covers.
  • Golf cart heater by Mr. Heater.
  • Cup holders on the rear grasp bar.
  • Steering wheels for sports cars.
  • Phone holder by Roykaw.
  • Overhead stereo console by Madjax.


The Royal Golf Cart is propelled by a high-performance electric motor, which ensures a smooth and cool ride. It has a 50-mile range and is therefore perfect for a full day of golf. Its maximum speed of 25 mph is more than sufficient for a golf course. The sophisticated suspension technology provides a smooth ride. The regenerative braking mechanism recharges the battery while braking, enhancing the cart’s overall efficiency.

Royal EV Golf Cart Maintenance

The Royal EV Golf Cart is simple to maintain and requires little upkeep. The electric motor has few moving parts, which lowers the need for frequent maintenance. The vehicle is covered by a five-year guarantee that covers any flaws or concerns.

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