Polaris GEM Golf Carts

Polaris GEM Golf Carts has given a clever mode of travelling on and off the golf course for many years. GEM began with low-speed vehicles in mind, with the goal of filling a gap between golf carts and full-size automobiles. C11GEM, the first US-manufactured neighbourhood electric vehicle (NEV), was formed from this drive and the NHTSA’s new motor vehicle class designation of LSVs.

GEM was acquired by Daimler Chrysler after only two years on the market and went on to become the LSV market leader, producing over 45,000 cars. Polaris Industries bought GEM in 2011. Polaris has worked on product innovation and design since then to improve the leading electrical LSV brand.

GEM Polaris Golf Cart Standard Features

Polaris focuses on creating golf carts that provide superior comfort, durability, and functionality. Here are some of the characteristics that make GEM golf carts appropriate for a variety of applications:


Rider comfort is of the utmost importance to Polaris. Some of the features that assure comfort are as follows:

  • Movable seats: GEM golf carts include movable sliding seats which enable the rider to make more room for comfort.
  • Suspension: These golf carts have nearly 6″ of suspension travel, allowing them to handle any terrain.
  • Extra Legroom: GEM golf carts have a roomy can that offers up to 43″ of legroom. As such, they are intended to seat a person 6’8″.
  • EPS: An optional electronic power steering system helps the rider to perform sharp turns with ease. For added comfort, the steering wheel’s inclination can be adjusted.
  • Weather-tight doors: GEM golf carts’ structural architecture and door seal design ensure a weather-tight cabin and a comfortable ride all year.


GEM golf carts carry more than just clubs, thus riders’ safety must be prioritised. Among the features that assure safety are:

  • 3-point safety belts provide protection and assurance while driving on the road.
  • SAE: These golf carts feature a roll-resistant frame and have passed the roof crush test.
  • GEM golf carts include DOT-approved safety features as well.

These golf carts are also 100% electric and can carry up to 1400 pounds without sacrificing quality. Most significantly, GEM golf carts provide five battery alternatives from you to select the one that best meets your needs. Among these alternatives are:

  • Flooded Lead-Acid: A low-cost battery that requires routine maintenance.
  • Maintenance-free: A spill-proof and leak-free battery that never needs to be recharged.
  • Maintenance-free distance: For improved performance, particularly in steep terrain.
  • Lithium-Ion 8.9 kWh: Lightweight and ideal for maximum range, with up to three times the battery life.
  • 12.4 kWh Lithium-Ion: Provides maximum shuttle range and other high-demand applications.

Models of Polaris GEM Golf Carts

Golf cart models manufactured by GEM Polaris include:

  • GEM e2: This model features the smallest footprint and the most agile performance of all the models, featuring a tiny turn radius that is useful in confined areas.
  • GEM e4: With four forward-facing back seats and plenty of legroom, the GEM e4 is ideal for golfing.
  • GEM e6: A spacious golf cart that can seat 6 riders comfortably.
  • GEM eL XD and GEM eM 1400 LSV: These utility golf carts are designed for difficult jobs, with considerable ground clearance and greater towing and cargo capability.