If you’re seeking for the ideal electric golf cart, you should have a look at what Evolution Electric Golf Carts have to offer. Golf Car Depot is thrilled to carry their items!

About Evolution Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, but electric golf carts have been evolving for much longer! Our team at Golf Car Depot can assist you in locating the ideal electric golf cart. We believe you’ll enjoy the models offered from the Evolution team. Continue reading to find out more about their fantastic items!

Company Goals

Despite only being in business for a decade, Evolution has already made a considerable impact on the golf cart market. Since their inception, their mission has been to provide each consumer with a personalised experience while challenging industry standards.

Their team in the United States consists of highly skilled engineers and designers who push the boundaries of normal golf vehicles to build distinctive, opulent vehicles. They also collaborate with golf professionals to optimise every part of the vehicles they produce. Every model has been thoroughly researched and tested since they want every product they sell to be the most usable on the market.

Models of Golfers

Although modern golf carts can be used for more than just playing golf, Evolution electric cars nevertheless respect the original purpose of these incredible automobiles. Their golf carts are the most powerful and quick electric vehicles ever made! You may completely customise your electric golf car before you reach the course. Foldable windscreens, LED illumination, DOT-approved seat belts, and rearview mirrors are a few features you might anticipate seeing. The golfing range consists of five different models, each with increased equipment and various passenger seating configurations.

Commercial Evolution Electric Golf Models

Finally, you can look about for the best commercial golf cart solution. The commercial series still offers complete customization and includes amenities like cargo bins, more room for passengers, and USB readers. For any commercial scenario, there is an electric vehicle to suit it. Unique carts called Evolution electric cars offer elegance and productivity.

All Models Have Standard Colour Options

  • RED
  • BLUE

Options for Premium PPG Metallic Body Paint


Unique Feature

Golf carts made by Evolution aren’t your typical models. Each cart is created from the ground up by a group of skilled engineers, and the construction process makes use of the most advanced innovation and quality assurance techniques. In order to maximise every aspect and feature, the designs themselves are the result of thorough research and close consultation with golf professionals.

Superior Engineering

These are professional engineering-designed machines, as we just explained. Every feature has been thoroughly overhauled and improved using only the best materials. Evolution golf carts have the essential changes to be street-legal because they are federally certified as low speed vehicles (LSV), including:

  • Standard Headlights
  • Brake lights
  • Turn signals
  • A Horn
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