Freedom Golf Carts

Freedom Golf Carts was formed in the spirit of giving an extra helping hand to the local heroes which includes police, firefighters and EMS personnel, emergency responders as well as military employees. We’re huge supporters of golf carts and will help with the excitement and enjoyment of a high-end golf cart provides to the daily routine! We’re a Golf Cart dealership located in Littleton offering the top of used and new golf carts.

Our pleasant and professional sales, financing, service, and parts departments are ready to provide exceptional support at every stage, from guiding you during the selection process to continuing maintenance and customization. We at Freedom Golf Carts, we appreciate the opportunity to build lasting relationships with our clients which we do by exceeding the expectations of our customers.

The Benefits of Freedom Series Golf Carts

The Freedom series is a collection of different advantages that you will be able to see upon visiting our dealer. Some of these features include:

  • Modern dashboard – Gone are the days when golf cart dashboards had to be gaudy and poor looking. The Freedom series comes with a wide and stylish dashboard.
  • USB support – Because of the influence of technology in our lives, we have become profoundly connected with our electronics, and E-Z-GO recognises this, which is why the Freedom series has complete USB support to keep your devices charged even when you’re on the go.
  • Rear-facing seats – If you want to transform your ride into a party, you can acquire the option for additional rear-facing seats.

The Freedom series is a cut above the rest, providing unmatched quality at a cost which is reasonable. It’s among the top golf carts available currently available. However, the ideal model has every feature you want. In this, Power Equipment Solutions can be useful.


Lithium Batteries

The 150AH Lithium Battery in our Freedom Carts is one of the best lithium batteries on the market. The majority of Golf Cart brands use a 108AH or a 130AH battery. As you compare us to other brands, make sure you are informed of what battery is in the basket. You’ll have more power than you need and a longer charge life with our lithium battery!

Bonus options

Some ADDITIONAL EXTRAS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE! 2 rear seat cupholders, Bluetooth Radio, Lockable glove boxes, Side Steps and a Cooler situated under the back seat are all standard features.

Full Suspension

The 2023 Design of Freedom Carts now has full independent suspension. This means that each wheel at the front and back of the cart has its own shock. You’ll experience the smooth ride you’ve been hoping for thanks to this. This Comfortable feature is ALL INCLUDED in the Freedom Cart pricing.

Performance and Planning

Our carts are configured for maximum speed and do not include any extraneous features such as automated braking. They have a top speed of 25-28 mph and an amazing pick-up speed! You will not be dissatisfied!


We only offer the best and most popular colours. You won’t need to be concerned about us running out of quality ones. Never again settle for colours you don’t like!


All Freedom Carts include two USB connections and a 12V charger. A radio with two speakers, four cup holders, an expanded roof, two-tone seats, gorgeous rims, floor mats, and a Digital Speedometer, Odometer, and Battery Life are all included.

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