Excessive golf carts is one of the finest bespoke golf cart makers in the United States, with over 20 years of experience. Excessive specialises in some of the most insane golf cart creations. Whether it’s for your neighbourhood, golf course, or private property, we’re confident they can build you the bespoke golf cart you’ve always wanted.

More About Excessive Carts

Excessive Carts is a Veteran-Owned Company based in the Dallas area. Rob Wallach, the company’s founder and a 20-year Air Force veteran, has been travelling the country running automotive audio stores since his retirement. Rob has a thriving golf cart business now that he has moved in Dallas, Texas.

Their unique golf cart showroom is located in Prosper, Texas. This is where you may try out new golf carts or even start your own unique build. Excessive Carts specialises in new and used golf carts from Club Car, Yamaha, and EZ-GO.

You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to building with Excessive. Aside from the three manufacturers mentioned above, you have the option of going with petrol or electric. There are also two seats, four seats 6, and 8 seaters. Do you prefer the appearance of a lowered or elevated golf cart? No problem, they do it as well!

Why Pick Excessive Carts?

When it comes to designing outrageous golf carts, Excessive Carts has a pretty good reputation. I’ve seen some most original golf carts from this manufacturer It’s not surprising that they’ve sold a large number in golf vehicles.


This is one of the most appealing parts of EC’s business. If you do not want to engage in the process of designing there are a myriad of design choices that are pre-priced that you can pick from.

When customising your new golf cart with Excessive, you have every choice imaginable. Select the body style, whether gas or electric, seating, lighting, sound system and even the number of passengers from 2 to 8! You can even lower or raise your personalised cart.


The price of customizing an golf cart may rapidly add up, based on the type of bells and whistles you select. Because EC recognises that most individuals will be unable to pay for their new cart in cash, they provide several financing options.


When acquiring something as exquisite as a golf cart from Excessive Carts, warranties can mean a lot. If you purchase a brand new cart, you receive one of the top warranties that you can find, and will cover the cart for 3 years. On “Like New” golf carts, they even include a one-year warranty.


If something were to happen to your fresh new Excessive Cart, their company provides a full service centre to help you receive the repairs you require. Excessive Carts guarantees their service before, during, and after the transaction, so you can rest assured that your golf cart is in good hands.

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