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Upgrading Golf Cart Seat: The stock seat cushions that come with your golf cart can be quite dull and unpleasant. The comfort of golf cart owners can significantly improve with custom seat cushions. Having a comfy seat can make your golf cart lot more pleasurable, whether you’re just driving around the neighbourhood or playing 18 holes. In order to increase comfort, aesthetic appeal, and general enjoyment, this blog post will go over some of the advantages of replacing your manufacturer golf cart seat cushions.

Why Should Your Golf Cart Seats Be Upgraded?

Golf Cart Seats

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned golf cart rider, having comfy and useful seats is crucial. You appreciate the comfort and practicality of being able to quickly get around your neighbourhood or neighbourhood as a golf cart owner. You probably spend a lot of time in your golf cart, whether you use it for errands, trips to the golf course, or just driving about your neighbourhood.

Your journey may be uncomfortable and annoying if the cart seats are worn out or unadjustable. Golf cart seats that are comfy and meet your demands are therefore crucial. Fortunately, there are many of enhancements available to enhance your experience. We’ll go through the advantages of upgrading your golf cart seats and offer advice on how to pick the best ones.

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Common Golf Cart Modifications

Planning an update enables you to have a clear understanding of the goals for the upgrade. Is it additional security, power, a better appearance, or contemporary accessories? Renovations enable you to reach any objective. The following are typical changes meant to boost strength, appeal, safety, and add individuality.

Increased Resale Value

Improving the seats on your golf cart might increase its worth. Upgrading the seats is an excellent method to raise the value of your golf cart if you want to sell it in the future. This is so that prospective purchasers would see that the cart has been well-maintained and has the features they want. Upgraded seats may give your golf cart the edge it needs to stand out from the competition and earn a better price when it comes time to sell.


upgrading golf cart

The majority of golf carts have basic benches with a typical round or square form. Sadly, these chairs are not ideal for all-day comfort when operating your golf cart. They can be rigid and harsh, which becomes a problem when outings go a long time and your muscles get tired from sitting still for so long. Standard foam used in factory seat cushions is rigid and not particularly comfy.

Consider replacing your golf cart seat to a bucket type seat cushion with high quality foam if you find the factory-installed seats on your golf cart to be uncomfortable. For the best golf cart seat comfort, we suggest Suite Seats. The strong marine grade foam used in suite chairs is made to support your body and provide comfort over time. Choose the Suite Seats Touring Edition, which has moveable armrests and an integrated headrest, for a genuine automobile experience.


The seat cushions for golf carts aftermarket are more robust. Compared to the seat cushions on factory golf carts, this cushion’s thicker foam making it more pleasant and long-lasting. Manufacturers of seat cushions like Doubletake, Red Hawk, and Suite Seats employ marine-grade vinyl and improved foam that is mildew resistant. You’ll see that, unlike with OEM seat cushions, colour fading and weather damage are not problems.

If you’d want to replace the Upgrading golf cart seats cushions but are worried about the installation process, don’t be. Hardware and instructions are included with the seat cushions. They can be quickly and easily replaced because they bolt on immediately.

Improved Safety Features

The fact that newer models frequently have better safety features is another advantage of replacing the golf cart seat. For instance, some improved seats include seat belts and headrests, which might keep you safe in the event of an accident. This is crucial if you often drive over tough terrain or intend to take your golf cart off-road. You may feel secure knowing that both you and your passengers will be safe while driving if you upgrade to seats with these safety features.

Stylish Look

Your golf cart may be fashionable even if it is designed for functionality. A fantastic approach to give your golf cart a trendy appearance is to upgrade its seats. There are several seat options to suit your preferences, whether you choose something sleek and contemporary or something more conventional.

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